Wielander Family Nick Wielander, Pastor of Marathon Baptist Church, received his bachelor degree from Tennessee Temple University and was ordained to be a pastor by nine pastors at Fort Lauderdale Baptist Church on May 12th, 2012. His wife, Susan, graduated from Bob Jones University.

Pastor Wielanders's experience includes teaching an adult Bible Study in Marathon every Tuesday for several years.

On June 10th, 2012, Marathon Baptist Church opened its doors to reach people in Marathon and around the world for Jesus Christ.

Pastor Wielander has a zeal for the Word of God both to know it and to preach it. His work doesn't end on Sunday though, he uses every day to reach those who have never heard the gospel and disciple those who know Christ as their savior. MBC has had a passion for door-to-door evangelism and makes a great effort to go out as much as possible.

Pastor Wielanders’s passion is to proclaim the Bible so that Christians will develop a greater love for God’s Word.